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First Exabyte Informatics Symposium

The first Exaybe Informatics symposium took place on Wednesday, 22nd February 2006, 3-5pm, in the Drawing Room, Royal Fort House.

The focus was on challenges for Exabyte Informatics in a wide range of application domains.

The programme was as follows:

  1. Dick Penny (Watershed): www.dShed.net : context, curation and value when everyone is both consumer and creator
  2. Rhys Morris (Physics): Data challenges for Astrophysics - mapping the Milky Way
  3. Paul Valdes (Geographical Sciences): Computational challenges in climate change
  4. Andrea Malizia (Bristol Imaging Centre): Challenges in medical imaging
  5. Mark Horton (Archaeology): Reengineering Brunel - a data challenge of the 21st century
  6. Neill Campbell (Computer Science): The challenge of processing large amounts of video data
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